Apr 22, 2012

Little Thing

A few weeks ago I had a doctor appointment and was told that I was "measuring small." Normally when in this state of daily uncomfortable growth, I could be convinced that might not be such a bad thing. However, I was a stitch nervous for the extra ultrasound they scheduled to make sure baby was growing well.

And Monday we learned that most of her is growing quite well. But. Her little tummy is measuring small. Just her tummy went from 70% at her last ultrasound to an off the charts negative 2%.

Andddd because who doesn't love reading about bowels, I will also let you know allll about my own. They are a little sucky. And they have been giving me some problems for a while. Currently categorized as Ulcerative Colitis. Which in case you don't spend your free time researching interesting colon diseases because I did not, is a disease which many have on and off for their lives and each person pretty much fares differently.  It is the sister disease to Crohn's, which you probably have heard of.

If you start out a pregnancy in remission, you have like a 70-80% chance of staying that way throughout and should have a relatively problem free pregnancy.

If you start out your pregnancy mid-flare, my doctor said about a third get worse, a third get better, and a third stay the same. And for those who get worse, the baby is more prone to small for gestational age babes and preterm labor and then there is the whole meds on pregnancy business too. That combination of the small baby plus the preterm labor is what has my doctors worried.

I had major symptoms during Davy's pregnancy, which my doctor attributed to probably other disgusting things you don't want to hear about.

During Gianna's pregnancy which started out in flare style as well, I finally was privileged to be scoped with at with a tiny camera traveling Miss Frizzle Magic School Bus Style through my innards. It was amazing. And they decided after seeing the bottom part of my colon, that I have UC.

And yessss I have read(ish) some diet books on how to heal myself and even tried some of those awesome brothy meaty diets at home (I'm looking at you GAPS diet). And I've figured out in the past 3 years or so that I am crazy sensitive to alcohol and milk products. In other words, no more fun ever. ever. again. Please please for the love of all that is good, do not ask me about "healing myself through food" at this present time. I may have a panic attack.

Fast forward to this second, and I am in pain. On my couch. Having some pretty not fun abdominal pain plus some contractions and just started steroids this week, bringing my total UC daily medication count up to 8 and I have the alarm system to prove it.

I have been honestly hardly moving because my contractions come with a vengeance when I resume my normal activities. And thank thank thankfully I have had some beautiful people come help me, bring me dinner, take my children. You are all the bomb.com.

Basically, if you are the praying sort... Please pray for my little baby Cosette Regina, that the steroids help her mommy's tummy settle down and hers to grow. Andddd that she will hang out as long as possible.

I go to the doctor tomorrow and then in a week they will check her tummy measurement. If it hasn't grown, she will have to be introduced outside the womb muy muy early. 33 weeks for the number lover. 

And one of the meanings of Cosette is "Little Thing." I realized it the other day and shed a little tear.

Probably not the most exciting way to do a name reveal, but now you can pray for her by name :). 


  1. Aw, Maureen! Bless you! We will pray especially for you and Cosette Regina, that she stays put, comfy cozy and growing and that you have relief from all your discomfort!

  2. I am praying right now and will continue to, I am so so so sorry that you are going through this Mo, it puts all my lame problems into immediate perspective. If I were near you I would bring you lots of meals and non-alcoholic beer for us to drink together and then take your kids for a couple of days. Again, I will be praying!!!

  3. Oh, Maureen you and Cosette are in our prayers!! I can not even imagine. I am in tears for you.

    My hubby has fought cdiff and ulc colitis his whole life too (also doing various treatments and diets), and it is so extremely painful for him when it flares up (Boston is just getting over a bout of colitis too)!

    Ug, my heart is aching for you! I can't even imagine battling it while pregnant too. You are an amazing mommy and woman!

    Yes, we will be praying A LOT for you and your sweet daughter and thinking of you lots. BIG HUGS!!!

    PS Cosette Regina is beautiful!

  4. 1. LOVE her name.

    2. Holy Awful. I feel terrrrrrrrrrrrible for you. Definite prayers. This sounds horrific and rare?

    3. Like Ana I wish I lived closer to be of SOME help -- I would kill to have Davy over to babysit/play/teach Julia to be funny. And Gianna and Sebastian would stay out of trouble together I'm sure.

    4. Keep us posted!!!

  5. Praying for you and Cosette! (beautiful name!)

  6. Praying for you both! Hope that little Cosette stays in as long as she can... but not past 40 weeks. :)

  7. Oh MO! I wish i wasn't out of commission, so that i could help out. We'll be praying though! I'll put you on Eva's prayer list, she's really good at praying at every meal and bed time for those who need it! (I just told her, and she said, "OH MY! We need to tell EVERYONE to pray for her! And all of my friends need to pray for her!!") SO...we've got your covered that way! Hoping you feel better and little Cosette's tummy grows!

  8. Cosette (love, love, love that name)and you are officially added to our prayer list of mamas with babies in their bellies as my two year old says.

  9. Prayers for you and the babe. My sil has UC and it is no fun.

  10. Offering up these dang sleepless nights for you, and rooting for at least 36 weeks in utero...you can do it Cosette!

  11. What a beautiful name! I will pray for your little one and you, Momma! Trust in Him!

  12. You and the Cosette will be in our family's prayers - hang in there!

  13. Praying for you! PS. check out The Failtehouse tomorrow, there is a little surprise for you :)

  14. Just thinking of you lots and hoping things are going well!

  15. Prayers!! I understand tough pregnancies, bowel issues and the like - NO FUN! Hang in there! But on the positive side - WOW! What a beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL name!!!!


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