Apr 7, 2012

An Eggcellent Easter

It's that time of year again. Gianna grew up and became a toddler of two years 2 days ago (!) Jesus rising from the dead. Seed planting time. And Egg time.

Feel free to amuse yourself with these photos of the utter excitement that comes with turning normalish hormone injected white eggs into an even less appetizing artificially dyed eggs.

Why is it so fun? I could hardly even contain myself over here.

Sometimes you need to get on the table to get a job done. 

Count 'em. 

Anddddd all children and eggs are perfectly accounted for.

omygoodness we are so excited. 

Disappointment that the inside is still white. 

Can't wait for tomorrow and its multiple Easter egg hunts. 

1 comment:

  1. Good gravy, your girls are just darling! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


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