Apr 10, 2012

Davy-isms And Gianna-isms

She uses violent language 
Mother: Let me clarify that for you....
Davy: If you say that again, I will clarify you.

She lies about her age. 
Anyone: How old are you Davy?
Davy: Four
Mother: You're three.
Davy: No. I'm four.
Mother: You'll be four soon Davy. You're still three.
Davy: annoyed. Mo-om. I'm just kidding.
Or lying.

She dabbles in religion and politics
Davy: Mom. I love you more than Jesus.
Mother: [hmmmm ?]

Mother: Davy who is our president.
Davy: Jesus.

Mother: Davy, I need you to make good choices ok. And dumping water all over the bathroom floor is not  a good choice ok?
Davy: But mom. Ummm sometimes 3 year olds do things and they like don't really understand what they are doing.
Dad: She's out-smarting us, we need change tactics and fast.

Davy: Mom. Why did you name me Davy?
Mother: Because Davy was a really special woman from your Mommy and Daddy's favorite book.
Davy: Oh. Because I wanted you to name me "Little Foot."

Davy: [While lost in Kentucky with Mommy for 90 minutes and I pulled into a gas station...] What is freaking going on?!

Davy: Mom. The Easter bunny like isn't real. A bunch of different people dress up in costumes of bunnies. Andddd he can be dark or light.

Davy: Mom you know what I did to Gianna's birthday card from Marissa? I kinda took all the stickers off it and put them on my clothes.

And for good measure some Gianna-isms.

Gianna: Dis is too 'picy'
Mother: Gianna that is water.
Gianna: Oh.

Gianna: No! My turn!! (As she insists to repeatedly walk up any stair situation unassisted and with no hands.)

Gianna: I want undies!
Mother: Then you have to go pee-pee in the potty.
Gianna: I want diaper.

Gianna: I did it!

Mother: What is your name?
Gianna: "Da-wella" (Cinderella)

Gianna: I wanta play your hair. I wanta go ni-night you.

Gianna's doctor: Well. Looks like she wins the award so far for 2012. [As he checks out Gianna's impressive collection of scrapes and bruises.]

Proud Mom moment.


  1. Soooo cute! I laughed out loud when I got to Gianna's "spicy" comment. Hilarious ;)

  2. I laughed out loud at this one "Davy: But mom. Ummm sometimes 3 year olds do things and they like don't really understand what they are doing."
    My boys use the same argument all of the time.

  3. Da-wella and Tagg are on the same page when it comes to undies...

    These are awesome, your girls crack me up!


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