Feb 19, 2012

New Single from a New Artist about a New Baby

This is what happened. I was actually vainly and awkwardly taking a picture of myself to see if I could figure out what the annual hair cut possibilities were. She jumped in front of me and started singing some made up song about the child in my womb.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this song. It seriously has a great beat- I think you may have a future pop star on your hands, just make sure her shirts stay that modest. This is so awesome!

  2. First off, that is hilarious! And secondly, she really has talent! And third, I now have that stuck in my head.

  3. OK, Noah can't stop hitting the replay button. The first time he giggled when he heard it and now he's singing along and dancing to it. It's officially a hit with her peers. I demand a music video for this single!


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