Jan 6, 2011

A Princess Story

Once upon a time today there were two princesses named Davy and Gianna. Princess Davy was a busy princess, always making sure everything was running smoothly inside the castle by regularly running laps around it. She also immensely enjoyed redecorating and admiring the organizing ability of the castle queen maid and would pick up any item at random that caught her eye then strategically place it in difficult to find locations. Some things were missing for long periods of time hoping to be rescued again. If only Princess Davy could remember where, oh where she had placed them. Such was the case for a beloved Charlie Brown DVD and an even more beloved credit card. 

Besides hide and go seek with material possessions, she had various other hobbies as well. She loved applying mascara to the area around her eye lashes, such as her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Occasionally she took up less civilized activities, such as fishing tea bags out of unattended teacups, or taking friend princesses hostage by refusing to release them from her strong and determined grip. 

She also loved to attend to her sister, the littlest Princess Gianna. She loved to attend jumping parties in her crib and ripping letters off her wall. Ear piercing screams were part of common attempts to awaken from slumber the minor princess. Princess Davy would glide the baby Princess across the floor with her feet often suspended mid-air, a scene most typical and worthy of consternation.

Princess Gianna was an absolute delight to behold and although it was somewhat difficult to comprehend what she desired amidst the shrill tones and intonations. Most frequently her disposition was one of compete and utter joyful enchantment. 

All was well in the castle when at the end of the day the two princesses danced and joined hands. Princess Davy pulled Gianna's arms as their feet slid across the ballroom floor. All the while you could hear a child-like voice in song..."so this is love." 


  1. Thanks @CA :) I wish I had a shot of them dancing. I need to work on that.

  2. It's been 5 days since you last blogged. I want to read more about Davy and Gianna. I'm addicted :)


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