Jan 4, 2011

Easy Delicious Tuna Crostinis

My sister Katie gave me this brilliant idea one day and now it's a staple in our home.

You can dress it up or down. It's like a good pair of jeans. But tastier.


  • A can or two of tuna.(The best tuna for taste is the white albacore. But seriously it doesn't matter that much in this recipe. Any tuna will be excellent. )
  • One egg (this is the glue for the tuna and the bread-like stuff)
  • Bread crumbs or pretzels or crackers. Or something salty and crumbly. 
  • Oil (coconut is good, or grapeseed or olive oil.)
  • Salt, pepper, and your choice of dill, lemon pepper, garlic, whatever you like with tuna.

Mix tuna, egg and bread crumbs or pretzel crumbs or cracker crumbs into a bowl. Eventually you are going to have to use your hands. Add in your seasonings.
One can of tuna, one egg and a half cup of bread crumbs should be about right. This might be different if your tuna was super watery or your egg was enormous. Try to form ping pong sized balls with mixture. Flatten them a little.
Heat some oil. Enough to cover the bottom of your pan. When it's hotttt add your little tuna crostinis. mmmm. Flip them after about a minute. Cook for another minute or so.

Make some tarter sauce and serve it on an open faced sandwich with spinach.

Put it in a salad. mmmm

Substitute for a homemade crab cake.


  1. that seriously looks delicious! and healthy too. :) nice job mama!

  2. Yums!!! Works great with canned salmon too :)

  3. This looks juicy! Do you think I could use rice instead of bread crumbs? I'm gonna try it right now. I will let you know how it goes.

  4. As I was rummaging through my fridge looking for the leftover rice, I found a bowl of leftover root vegetables from this recipe http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/kellers_roast_chicken/

    So I used root vegetables instead. I threw everything in the food processor, formed patties and fried them. I would rate the tuna patties a zero for presentation and a 10 for taste. They completely fell apart but they were so yummy! I ate them all, made more and ate all of those too. I told Sebastian we were having pancakes and he shouted with glee. After he tried his first bite he looked at me like I was insane. "Clearly these are not pancakes"! He ate a few more bites but that was all for him. Oh well, he loved the tarter sauce.

  5. Thanks guys! @CA so true about the salmon. Right about the same time you posted this comment my dad asked me if he could try this recipe with salmon. And I was like yes! They are addicting @Becky. Good idea with the veggies. I will have to try that. Ok now I'm hungry and I already ate dinner.

  6. Anne-MarieMarch 11, 2011

    Thanks, Maureen! I needed something tasty for Fridays in Lent. You're the best. :)


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