Jan 17, 2011

Blue Monday

It's Monday. And as far as days of the week go, it's usually the most dreaded. I don't have to really go anywhere Mondays, because I watch soap operas and eat bon bons everyday anyway stay home and cook, clean and take care of two glorious girls.

Sometimes I welcome Mondays after a crazy weekend. But for some unknown reason, today the Monday morning alarm clock hit me like a two by four in the face. I slept with a stuffed up coughing baby-not so bad. My whole body hurts because I passed out in a contorted fashion, but that happens all the time. I didn't even have to change Davy's diaper. She uses a toilet, like a civilized human being. I should be ecstatic. But while I was still trying to sleep, she did WWF body slam me as a good morning hug and landed with her palms slapping my face.

But I already was feeling blue-ish. or bleh-ish. Then I saw it. Emily S.' facebook status:

Today is the saddest day of the year.

Which of course made me feel sadder. Apparently they reported it on Good Morning America. Really? How could anyone know that? After a brief google search it seems to be a made up day in 2005 in England. There is even a ridiculous mathematical equation associated with it. Something about Christmas being over, failed New Years resolutions, depressing weather, no motivation and an increase in debt. Sounds depressing to me. (I read that it was a marketing scheme for SkyBlue) But I don't care, I think the third Monday of the new year is the saddest.

And here in America, I don't think it helps that everyone wants to spend this day as a day of rememberence at home in honor of the great Martin Luther King Junior, but not everyone has the day off. So, the people who do have the day off, miss all their friends at work. And the people who do not have the day off are exceeding jealous of their friends at home.

And since I have been trying to think of an awesome way to make me, myself and I feel better, I think that I should look no further than this advice from MLK.

Those who are not looking for happiness are the most likely to find it, because those who are searching forget that the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others.


So if you are sulking on Blue Monday like me either in your pajamas or at work in your cubicle, I guess when we look outside our self-centered selves and work on paying it forward, we most likely will be happier. Makes sense. Thanks MLK.


  1. Have you seen Date Night? When you said that Davy knee-punched you to wake you up, it made me think of the opening scene. I laugh [when I say laugh, I mean cry] every time I see it because it is my life...SLAM "MAAAAAMMMMMMMMM, I NEED TO PEEEEE! I NEED MILKYYYYYYYYYY!"

  2. hahahah. Love that movie. Story of my life.


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