Jan 22, 2011

Find a Fairy

We went as a family to a Mexican restaurant for dinner tonight with my parents, sister, future brother-in-law Doug and my adorable niece. It was so fun. Even though I was sitting across from my 2 year old, with a 9 month old on one side and a one year old on the other side, it was still fun.  The kind of fun that makes you think wow, I wonder if they ever kick anyone out of here? And then of course, I saw a few squished mean-faced looks from some folks who almost slipped on a few of the things we may or may not have dropped on the ground. sorry. about. that.

Were full glasses of water spilled? Yes.
Spilled beans? yes 
Before Mommy could stop him, did Daddy take Davy into the Men's restroom to go potty/ Anatomy 101 for a 2 year old? Yes.
Did she ask Grandma to take her to the restroom approximately 7 times? yes
Did Grandma oblige? yes
Did Davy see fairies? Oh yes.

That was pretty much the highlight. Davy announced excitedly to our large table in her cartoonish voice:


You may be asking yourself what kind of Mexican restaurant has fairies. I'll tell you. The kind of restaurant that on dance night attracts awkward, dolled up, Mexican-food-loving, freshman girls paired with their equally as awkward freshman boys. And when one little chickie needs to use the restroom, the entire girlie gaggle follows.

Davy was convinced that they were fairies and watched them with eyes of intensity and a big open mouth. She got up and chased them. They were heading to the potty and since they were so big, Davy knew they would definitely not fall in the potty. (Davy will fall in if she is not held properly when she uses public restrooms. 'Falling in' has been extremely traumatic for her.)

I think it's safe to say it's her dream to be one of those fairy freshman girls free from the worry of falling in a public toilet. She loves the idea of the pretty dress, but mostly it's all about potty skill envy at this point.

She surely will be dreaming about them tonight. She forced me into a princess story that included these restroom using wonders.


  1. what are they're names? j/w Davy wanted to know so I do too!

  2. Haha!! Too funny. Did they hear her?

  3. @katie after we chased them into the bathroom she asked me what their names were. I told one of the girls that Davy thought she was a fairy. She was like awww and then promptly exited with the rest of the giggling fairies.
    So they heard her through me @CA...maybe if I dress up some day Davy will think I'm a fairy and actually listen to me for a change.

  4. I'm DYING laughing over here.

    also, G has fallen in public potties before as well. Poor kid.


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