Sep 7, 2011

I should never have left you.

Little bloggie blog.

After my little peace out to facebook, I kind of was afraid to come back to my computer. Addiction is serious yo.

Anywho. Some ca-razy things have been going on over here lately sans fbook and I will give each one their own amazing post. At a later date.

So gettttttttt ready for some...facebook withdrawals, preschool amazingness, marathoning wannabee, painting small persons and selling them, GAPS dieting, and UC (the disease, not University) can seriously bite me. Coming soon to a blog near you.

So. It's a little weird to get off invasive facebook, but then stay revealing all meaningless life details on waaaay more invasive bloggie blog. I have been pondering that fact as of late.

And I have come to the realization that blogging is kind of my sanity sometimes.

I don't know if you can see it...but her tongue is out. Most important part of good running form.
So here are 5 weird things going on over here today

1) I have been cooking a large bone of cow in my crock pot...for the last 36 hours. Just making some insane broth. It's normal. I feel like a scary witch.

2) Davy keeps calling Christopher and I by our first names exclusively. "Maween! Maweeeen!" Except she keeps calling him "Chwissss." And he hates it. It's hi.larious.

3) Gianna eats more than I do a day. And that is a terrific feat. And I just want to eat her up.

4) Our basement has a very small stream flowing across it from the dear rain.

5) I am looking for some free classes on "how to be a mom" because I don't know what I'm doing. at all.


  1. Hey Maureen!
    We went to MND together so hello stranger-I-haven't-seen-since-high-school!
    I've been lurking (I'm a Google Reader ADDICT) on your blog for awhile now and felt if I didn't announce my presence I'd feel a bit stalker like.
    I'm sorry you have UC, welcome to the club.
    Well technically I don't have it anymore as I had to have my colon removed 5 yrs ago but still have lots of intestinal issues...anyways...
    I literally just started looking up the GAPS diet YESTERDAY, it sounds like quite the process but looks, whaddya know, Mo?


  2. wow crazy about the GAPS diet, Cassie. And Maaween, if Gianna can eat more than you and then you eat her up you'd effectively be eating more than her. Are children on the GAPS diet?

  3. Sorry about your basement! Let me know if you find any mom classes! ;)

  4. I know what you mean about blogging being your sanity. Sometimes I feel like if I can't write it out and at least share with one other person all of the crazy is going to make ME crazy!

  5. I seriously love your bloggy blog :)
    And I seeeeriously miss you and your awesome family! I wish I could come over and watch you stir your witch's brew...aka beef broth! :)

  6. @Cassie hello! :) Uggggg. So sorry about all your UC trouble. woah about your colon. Is it all gone? That is rough. I should not be complaining. The GAPS diet is hard. It's like a meatatarian feel. I want sugar so bad.

    @Bridget I will definitely let you know if I find any good mom classes. Who is supposed to be teaching us ladies around here? Anybody? Also, I love your blog and especially love your running posts. You are amazing. I am crazy impressed.

    @Sara so true. so true. At least if gives the illusion sometimes that what I say is heard by adults somewhere :).

    @CA if you were here I would feed it to you and your little Gemma bear. And Rocky too if he likes animal fat tea.

  7. Haha #5!! Thank you for having the guts to say that -- so encouraging! I don't have any idea what I'm doing either, ah!!!

  8. @Jillian. I truuuuuly have no idea. I'm trying my best most of the time:).


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