Sep 27, 2011

Baby Modeling

Most people have noticed. And I'm sure you have too. My kids are the most amazingly beautiful small persons on the planet. Seriously. People say to me allll the time. "You should get those kids into modeling."

Why are models always taking off their clothes?  I don't get it. And at such young ages too. sick.
And of course I always sign them up for every Gap Casting Call and Gerber's Most Beautiful baby and the high end retailers close by, such as Walmart and Kmart. They haven't had their big break yet. But we aren't really that into modeling as a full-time Toddler and Tiara profession yet.

It's difficult to be objective about your child's physical appearance when you are a parent. And everyone does have different taste. But in my very few limited years as a parent I think it's sweet and hilarious and sometimes a little obnoxious when people gush about their children's appearance to a wild extent. Especially when they are biological... I mean isn't it a little sort of vain or something. Maybe not. I don't know. But I do know that I am guilty of it. You see an ugly baby here and there and you decide that your child is a perfect image of what babies should look like. And then sometimes when they get bigger you see a picture and reality hits you hard.

Davy in a rosy light.
Mostly though, now that I am a parent and I realize how much you love love love your children. It's easy to see them in a rosy light. And who knows maybe your kid really truly is the epitome of beauty in tiny human form. They very well may be. But, they might also be kind of normal looking. So even though they are the most stunning creature to behold to you...  it's ok to keep that kind of thing to yourself.

And of course none of what I just said applies to my kids, because truly truly they are perfection.


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