Sep 21, 2011

Fried Plantains from Heaven

I am guessing no one told you this beautiful truth: Plantains are gifts from heaven. 

Do you like McDonald's french fries? Don't lie. Do you have a pan? Do you have salt? Do you have some oil?

Then go out and get yo-self a big banana looking plantain my friend and be happy because you know what? Betta than Mickie D's friedness is coming to your house.

oil (coconut if your like your health.)
dip for your fries
Put a little oil in your pan. Enough for cover half a slice of plantain. Turn on your stovetop to high. When you think it may be hot enough....throw in a little plantain slice to see if it's hot enough. You will see frying and hear sizzling when it's go time.

Then throw in all the plantains if there is room. After they are a little golden (30 seconds-1 min. maybe) flip those suckers. Wait a few more precious seconds.

Take them out and dump salt on them. 

Dip them in ketchup and feel warm and happy.
They look like bananas, but taste like french fries. promise.


  1. Interesting. I always wondered what to do with those things. Never actually tried one or looked into recipes. I am totally going to pick a few up next time I'm shopping. Oh wait. That would be TOMORROW since I have nothing in my fridge.
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll let you know how it goes over with the kiddos.

    p.s. just found your blog and love it.

  2. Hi Theresa! Welcome! Did you try some fried plantains yet? I hope they made all your dreams come true :).


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