Sep 19, 2011

Davy Does Dinner

Sunday night dinna time...

Davy on Tabasco: Dad. If mommy and me eat that...Our mouths will like turn to burning and we will cry and cry all day.

Davy on the meal: Mom. You are the best cook in the whole world. You make delicious food. (what does she want?) And I REALLY REALLY like it when you make me coffee. (don't worry-it's dandyblend)

Davy on school: Can I go to school today? (No, it's Sunday) {confused}  Daddy? Did you work today? (yes) Then why can't I go to school?

Davy on dreams: Geeeee-ana....did you have a good nap? What did you dream about? Elmo? Elmo's dad? Liiiiiiions?

Davy on Tigers: Hey dad, if there was a tiger in this house, we could kill it, right?

Davy on Artichoke: [Spits it out.] I love artichoke!

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