May 18, 2011

When Moms Run

I wouldn't really call myself a runner per se, but I do enjoy flapping my limbs in the wind frequently to burn off the ever increasing anxiety of domestic life and motherhood.

Unfortunately the last few days have been void of any such recreation.

Except for running in the house. All moms do it. And I don't mean on a treadmill. I'm talking about full on sprints.

I did a few sprints myself today.

Here were 2 reasons I sprinted today...

1) I overheard a three year old in the bathroom talking to herself.

"I don't think that's poop on the ground. I think it's a chocolate bar."

Mama sprinted in just. in. time.

2) Then I was in the loo myself a bit later and purposefully yelled out into the house.
"Davy! Is Gianna ok?"
"Yes Mom..."
[I breathed deeply and enjoyed my last second of privacy.]
"She is eating cereal...."
[another long pause]
"On the table."
that's how she gets up there...from her stupid high chair. it's like a ladder for baby climbers.

And as I beat my personal record sprint time from bathroom to kitchen, I was met with Gianna eating two handed from Davy's cereal bowl while squatting on top of the table. And then I saved her life by returning her to the floor.

Based on some recent events, Davy is probably not currently in a position to deduce whether or not Gianna is in imminent danger. So, if you were walking or driving by my house today and you noticed a small person standing on a table, please do not call CPS. I won't do it again. Go to the bathroom alone, that is.

Any other good reasons for mom-running at your house, ladies?


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  2. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Daddy was a climber, Gianna is a climber.

  3. Anything else crazy I should know about his toddler behavior? :)

  4. Ooh, good reasons for mom-running...

    How about hearing angry yelping and finding that your toddler is sitting in the baby swing, on TOP of his newborn sister...

    or stepping out of a long overdue shower to find said toddler painting his own and his baby sister's face with GLOBS of Aquaphor...

    or (this is a scary one and I SWEAR I'm usually a good mom) leaving kids in the bedroom so I can go find a fresh diaper for the baby and hearing a thud, followed by silence, followed by loud crying - I found the 3 mo lying on the hardwood (she's OK), with her 2 yo brother standing beside her. He had tried to carry her again.

    Anyway, good times. And lots of running...

  5. @cbeliso that is amazing. thanks for the solidarity. what if I told you 2 out of three of those things have happened in our house? the dirty secrets of moms revealed. Or the bad things that happen when moms use the restroom alone. Those are some good names for horror movies.

  6. LOL just saw this. Great movie names (does that mean we live in a never-ending horror movie? Some days it sure feels like it...). SO glad I'm not alone!


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