May 9, 2011

Tea and Dough: A Morning Glimpse.

5:00something- alarms are going off in my bedroom. When I finally came to I realized that my husband is MIA, ok maybe he's in the shower.

I move to the couch because, well, I hate sleeping alone in my bed.

Then I hear noises. The kind that tell me that my blissful slumber will not last long.

"Momma! Momma! Mommmmmmmmm! Ma. Ma. Ma. Momma. Momma!!"

Good Morning to you too one year old. PS. It is still night time.

Daddy got out of the shower and released them into the world before the clock struck 6AM.  I actually heard the universe scream. MOTHER'S DAY IS OVER LADY!

As I made tea and cut up the bagels for breakfast I had some double hug/screaming action going on around both of my legs. Cute, irritating and loud at the same time.

The girls and I ate bagels and drank tea for the better part of an hour. I don't know how. Ok maybe we ate like a half dozen bagels. We were all dragging from the early wake up and the bagel gluttony.

Then in a creative moment, we decided to make a new tea set from homemade play dough. The flour, salt and water kind. And it's cooking in the oven.

Phew. Now Gianna is down for a nap. I am in and out of an intense playdough princess game with Davy and I am now being summoned to make the princess' daddy out of playdough.


Ok back. Maybe I will post some pictures of our home made tea cups. I threw away our other tea set because Davy used most of the pieces to play with a substance similar in texture to to playdough. Only it was home made in a different way via the human body. So I threw it in the garbage because I was sick of cleaning up excrement. Sorry Grandma and Grandpa C. We loved it, but rules are rules.

If you play with poop. I will throw away your toys. Those are the rules.

As I type this Davy is giving me a "shot" with the home phone. She says she's a doctor. It actually kind of hurts. She is really putting her back in to it. Now she is using part of an un eaten bagel and making it walk on my legs, which are the mountain, she just informed me. Now she is in the silverware. Now the fridge. Now she wants more bagels. Are you kidding child? Your body is too tiny to hold that many bagels. She is now galloping back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. She is holding pickled ginger she commandeered from the fridge and shaking it around. Hmm.

On that note. Peace in the east. And everywhere else too.


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