May 23, 2011

Should Married Couples Multiply? And What Can Happen When They Do.

For most people marriage is filled with some heights and depths. I have experienced both in marriage and adding children to the mix can seem like an insane idea.

Although I only have a three and one year old it's amazing how much they hold you accountable. 'Guilting' you into your best behavior. Especially after you watch them imitate some of your less than laudable qualities. That may be where the mom-guilt starts.

But no worries, there are also wonderful parts. When you really love your spouse, there is nothing better than having a tiny person with them, made up of you+spousie=love baby. Now there is a real living breathing person that is the actualization and materialization of your love. A-mazing.

Hypothetically if there were things that drove me crazy about my husband, seeing a tiny person that exhibits small inklings of those particular behaviors or quirks would put them in a whole new and more endearing light. A genuine child version of most things could really make some behavior seem ions less irritating. Luckily, my husband is nothing less than a stellar human being.

So I really feel like overall I have fallen so much more in love with my husband as we've had kids. It's very cute seeing him in a new role. And even more awesome watching our love multiply. literally. Marriage and babies are filled with a lot of craziness, but as crazy as they are you might as well add a baby carriage :). As long as you're not too crazy.

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