May 2, 2011

I'm baa-aack

Insert creepy music here. After a long 2+ week break from the blogosphere..I. am. back. And I am going to try to quit being a slacker.

Anddd if you know me, you also know that I come with excuses. So here they come. We have been traveling. A little. And it takes me at least 10 days to recover emotionally, physically, and domestically.

I also had some, not serious, but highly annoying issues with my insides. I will spare you the tmi details. But a tiny camera was involved, Magic School Bus style, and it took a tour of my innards. (Too bad my doctor wasn't Ms. Frizzle. She knows everything about science, from what I remember from the show.)

Gianna and Davy also got virus' and ear infections. Complete with pink medicines, all night coughing fests, and whining. And Davy asking me for "rain drops" for her throat.  (Cough drops for the small-brained.)

Andddd the icing on the excuse cake. Technical difficulties of various kinds. Including, but not limited to, 4 broken computer laptop cords in the last 6 months, sucky McSuck suck internet at our house- 3 days of no internet or home phone (you suck time warner), and I lost my cellphone 2 weeks ago.

But now I have new computer cords, functioning internet and no more excuses.

"An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded." As Bl. JPII would say. I think the lie is....that I'm not lazy.

 And for some happy things...I saw TWO double rainbows on my birthday! It was amazing. God gives the best birthday presents. Mr. Christopher you came in at a close second with the Anthropologie goods.  And I had a nice morning run, friend/sister coffee date, family brunch at JK Chili's the best hole in the wall in Madiera, a fun time at the zoo with my girls and daddio. Then we saw some amazing double rainbowing once over our house and once as I was ingesting healthy amounts of the best sushi on the planet earth at Kyoto.

Pretend I don't look so super sized and awkward. And that you can see the other part of the double rainbow.

And we successfully went on two family trips without losing either child. Parents of the year.

Davy and Gianna or "my favorite girls" as Davy would say are adorable and so much fun to hang with day and night.  Minus the night. I will include some recent pictures with future posts.  My Mr. Mister is my bff and a fab daddy.  My friends are the bomb diggity. Living the good life.

Anywho. I know maybe it's not nice to be happy when someone is dead...but since Osama Bin Laden hated Americans so much and wanted to kill us infidels...I do feel some relief. Thank you Navy Seals and all the rest of our Military.
Annnnd that's all folks.

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  1. Ahhh so glad you're back in blog world. Obviously I don't get enough of you in person and I need the blog version of you too;)


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