May 19, 2011

How to Travel with Small Persons on Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I really love to travel.

But not with kids.

That is not all I have to say about it.

There are, in my opinion, ideal times in a child's life for traveling.
Ones that are still in the womb. Teeny tiny babies-just bring their milky drink in whatever form they prefer and give it to them during take off and landing for plane rides.

Worst people to travel with....
 And the winner is....1-2 year olds! These cuties just learning that the world is their playground are the worst. They want to run and play all. the. time. And they are difficult to bargain with or speak to in a reasonable manner. That being said. Remember, the same recipe that works for a perfect wedding day, also works for a perfect travel day.

Things to bring. (Most of these I have forgotten at one time or another, which is why I think they are important.) Hope you have a big diaper duffle bag friend.

1) Something old. Like maybe the blankie your one year old can't sleep without, that you will forget idiotically. Or your sippy cups minus the water if you are flying so you can get through security without even more invasion. Or a portable DVD player that is either battery operated or do REMEMBER to bring the cord. Oh and you should bring some extra clothes and diapers on a plane. Don't forget! Kids do still have accidents on planes. Even more so, when confined to your arms and the 6in x 17.2 inches below your seat to run and play. Less room=more mess on kid. If your child nurses, your attached goods can count for this too. And as always, you need things in which to strap them. Leashes, strollers, cool carseats on wheels, baby carriers. They all work.  They key is free hands for mom and dad.

2) Something new. (Like a stuffed animal Ponyo for your Japanese anime loving almost 3 year old that the Easter bunny delivered a few days early at 3AM.) But mostly good old fashion candy and sugar. or your kids favorite fruit leather. FYI, an obscene amount of fruit leather is in no way a substitute for easter candy or peeps. Your kids will know. Stickers. Coloring supplies. Gourmet and nutritious vending machine food. And don't forget about how new and exciting traveling itself is. Planes, trains, and automobiles. Try to get excited about all the exciting traveling. Talk loudly to your spouse or traveling partner or strangers about how amazing metro rides are or how much fun it is to see the tiny cars whilst flying in an airplane. The giddiness will be contagious.

3) Something borrowed. You might forget something or a lot of somethings. This is wear the rest of the world's humanity comes in. Will they play nice? You better hope so. Maybe a nice flight attendant on a bus will look in his 50 year old cosmetic bag for something safe to help your hysterically screaming potty trained almost 3 year old who really really has to tinkle and ride on a bumpy bus for more than 40 minutes. What a poor tiny bladder. Luckily or unluckily for you, things aren't always so pretty. If only other cranky people would look into their hearts and cosmetic bags during such times, instead of shooting nasty and irritated looks to poor undeserving parents, the world would be a better place. And quieter too.

4) Something for the achoo's or the whines or the tantrums. Since tranquilizers are generally frowned upon for young children en route. You could try.... benedryl or tylenol. Plus I think you should bring some anyway, in case your kid gets sicky sick. Or some homeopathic something or other from Hylands. That being said. I've only used the Hylands stuff....unless they seem to be coming down with whine-itis. Oh and lots of baby wipes and tissues for all the grossness.

But seriously, try to pack light. My husband recently made our family of 4 pack for a three day trip in one backpack. It was a little scary, but the one bag made it easier to navigate with 2 tiny bumpkins in a big city without losing them for too long.

Speaking of weddings...this is hilarious.

wedding vows get wet

you are welcome.

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