May 18, 2011

Salsa Made at Home

It's really not that hard.

One day I came home from the grocery store after my husband gave me strict instructions for our weekly meals...He wanted every day to be pizza or mexican. He thought it would help me with my shopping (?) anyway. It did a little, except that I forgot the one main ingredient neccessary for all things mexican in my book and that is SALSA. mmmmm I love it. chips are merely crunchy vehicles to dump massive amounts of it into my system.

Anyway. I forgot it at the store. And I was sad. But then I thought maybe I could make some?

So I tried. And it was a success. And over time, I have mastered it a bit.

And keep in mind that measurements and I, are kind of on rocky terms.

One big can of diced tomatoes...or like 3 cups of fresh tomatoes. I would drain them if you use a can.
One large fresh pepper or two or half pound of frozen bag
One large onion
2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. or maybe white would be fine too.
cilantro... I use these dorat things from trader joes and I used like 3-4 + some fresh cilantro. I would put in a bunch and then add a bunch more and taste at the end.
Salt. At least a half teaspoon. maybe more.
Cumin. mmm. mmmm. 1 teaspoon. or more.
hot sauce/ jalepenos/ hot peppers - add to your liking.
Garlic-sometimes I add it and sometimes I don't. 

Cut it up and/or then throw it all in a blender/food processor. And then start eating it immediately. You won't be sorry.

Salsa is kind of a personal thing. If you aren't crazy about the apple cider vinegar. You could surely add lime juice or lemon juice instead. I think that this tastes similar to, but better than, Jack's salsa. mmmm.

And it really makes a lot of salsa. Probably like 4 times the amount in a regular jar. It is definitely more cost effective and much mas delicioso.

Then you can make muchos meals with this salsa as your base for the week. 


  1. Thus looks really really really good. Lick the computer screen good!

  2. mmmm I am drooling over my keyboard. We LOVE homemade salsa around here!

  3. LOOOOOVE homemade salsa!!

  4. Spill your salsa secrets homies. Sometimes I eat a bag of chips and 2 lbs. of salsa for a meal. Glad I got that off my chest. I know you guys won't judge. Trying to get enough veggies in my diet.


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