Nov 18, 2011

I Need Some Booze.

Not me really. Well not right now anyway.

So before you judge me, let me just say that these were the words of my 3 1/2 a half year old.

Maybe that didn't help with the judging.

I was eating something out of a package cooking in the kitchen last Friday and Davy walked up to me dressed head to toe in Snow White garb and said

"I need some BOOZE mom."

Uh, what the what honey? You need what?

"Maybe I can get them when I'm big?

I stared at her blankly.

I was/ usually am genuinely confused and tried to pretend she wasn't saying what now seems obvious.

Then she sealed it...

And she wasn't suggesting getting her drinky drink on.

"You know mom. They go right here.

(Points to her tiny little chest region.)

You know mom, they go here. They are kinda pointy, you know. Can I get some when I'm big?"

Where did you hear about those Davy?

"From Larry (name changed to protect the scandalous) at school."


No more princess outfits with well-endowed princesses printed right on them.


  1. This story may top them all. Laughy laugh laugh.:) (And Davy better not tell Maggie this scandelous stuff from school! haha)

  2. Out of the mouths of babes!

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so classic


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