Nov 29, 2011

Conquering the Stomach Bug/Monster

I know you will wake up soon. And we will be ready.
This title is someone optimistic. No such beast has been defeated.But neither have we. And even though we have been attacked more times than I can count in the last 4 days, we will not surrender.

Tonight we are armed and ready for battle.

20 months olds smile immediately after throwing up apparently.
I thought this ridiculous thing was gone about 3 days ago, but it sneaked it's way back into our home with determination and vigor and took down 3 of us and left the fourth with chills and a fever.

Usually with small children and bile I resort to covering furniture near the child with towels or blankets or something I can wash.

But then at some point I get sick or lazy or run our of un-puked on coverings and stop. But not tonight. There are too many sick people and not enough energy and the laundry is all clean.  And the girls' room is covered in towels. There is a bucket with a plastic bag next to Davy's bed.  All excess blankets and stuffed animals have been thrown out of the line of fire. And outside the door we have our line of defense complete with paper towel, babywipes, sheets, diapers, plastic bags, disinfectant and carpet cleaner.

Come and get us. We are so ready.  Butttt if you feel like never returning again for all eternity, that would be fine too.

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