Jul 26, 2011

Gianna is My Favorite Child

Can you handle this?
Just kiiiiiidding. Sort of. She is so freaking cute. Like I just want to squeeze her all the time. With clenched teeth even. I know it's weird.

FYI-In case you know me a little too well- I wrote this post last week.

My fav and I
Davy had dose two of the stomach bug which revealed itself Monday night here at casa la cor-jet. Started at 1AM with a "my tummy hurts" and a whimper and ended with no sleep for mama and vomitrociousness all night. Good thing I had the day off work the next day. Siiiike. Geez this was supposed to be about Gianna and now I am talking about bile again...

So I was rubbing Davy's back all night, the next day, you know giving some Mommy lovin'. And then later in the day little Gianna went up to her big sister rubbed her back and gave her the sweetest most tender hug you have ever seen. It could have made a grown man weep. And Davy bent down and kissed her on the head and told her "you're my best friend." I was peeking my head in the kitchen when I witnessed the moment and then I melted into a puddle on the floor and hugged them both right up. 

running to her other favorite place- the street
Then she just won't stop trying to talk and say cute things. And I keep finding her looking at photo albums in her reach talking in her baby language about everyone in the pictures with her giant smile.

And she is just like her mama. At least in our love for the edible. Such a little foodie. All day she eats. And eats. Oh and then eats some more. If anyone leaves their food on the table. On their plate. Anything that's anywhere. She eats it. I think she learned to climb before she was one years old to the top of Mt. Kitchen Table in desperate pursuit of something edible. Maybe a broken pretzel or something. And now if she runs off, that is the first place I look. And most of the time that's where she is. On Mt. Kitchen Table looking for scraps. We meet here most days and share many many good times.
Eating some scraps

In Mama's shoes
Another reason to love her more than I love other people is that she is obsessed with shoes. First thing every morning she finds shoes and either puts them on if she is able or chases around the people taller than her at home and repeats her first and favorite word, "chooos. Choos. CHOOS! And those are some of many of the reasons she is my fav. Just kidding Davy. I love both my girls exactly differently the same exact difference. For sure.


  1. Goodness gracious! That top picture of Gianna is adorable!!!!


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