Aug 2, 2011

Go the %$&# to Sleep

You might have no idea what I'm talking about. Good for you. I'm happy for you and all those in your domain. It is true that a lot of children nestle in comfortably night after night with no problems whatsoever. But some lovely dears, just fight the night-night. Sometimes I feel like saying that to Davy. Like "Go the hello-dolly to sleep Davy Marin" for real this time. With Gianna we have no current difficulties. But sometimes Davy is just a tad, oh I don't know, of a crazy pants. Thankfully today wiped her out so incredibly, that after a quick "not the right pull-up with all of the princesses on it" malfunction, she stumbled into bed after way way way too much fun playing with some of her best buds.

But most days, we are not even in the running for a successful-toddler-down-for-the-night award. And since she was a wee little thing, it has been a major battle. Hours of screaming, crying, passing out of the floor type of amazingness.

Maybe you can relate to this. And if you don't mind serious serious profanity and you need a laugh- here is what you need my friend. Samuel L. Jackson reading a lullaby of sorts, aptly titled Go the *#%$ to Sleep. And it's the F word. eeek. Unless you want that fun word added to your toddlers vocab, maybe watch it after hours. Hmmmm just listened to it again. Might be a teensie harsh, just don't hurt the babies Sammy. Geesh. I'm afraid. 

I think sometimes parents need to heed the advice as well and just go the something to sleep. Especially if you are like this mama. I seriously still need a mama and daddy to tell me to "go the #$&% to sleep." I hate the work involved in the getting ready for bed routine. And I hate moving when I'm tired. And I'm addicted to the internet or something. And I'm going to try try to get moving now. Maybe. Or maybe I'll play on New easiest place to lose yourself in the world wide web. Maybe I need to set a timer with internet privileges...Who the h is in charge around here?

And if you are still awake. Go the ____ to sleep sweetheart.


  1. Interestingly enough, I'm reading this at 3 am! I'm in for it when the babe is mobile because getting him to sleep is already a challenge. I think it will be craziness when he can try to run away!

  2. This so describes the sleep relationship my middle child has. When I first discovered that book online was when he seemed to be going through his worst sleep. Sometimes I'd leave it up on my computer and read a page or two for a laugh in between trips to his room to put him back in bed. Definitely helped me see (what will one day be) humor in all of it!

  3. Maureen & Carly (what is your blog called?), i didn't know you gals had a blog! I have one too.

    Mo- i def feel like i can relate to the book sometimes. my little 2 yr old always wants me to "sleep" with her. i have to lay down with her every day for naps and bedtime (and sometimes this can be for a while).. :(

    good luck on your little davy! this too shall pass, right? : )

  4. hahaha. I'm so glad you talked about this.

    I laughed out loud when I first saw the book because I can relate alllllll too I'm sure all parents can.

    love this.

  5. Hilarious. Gemma fights sleep like it's a torturous punishment. She'll literally be laying there in my arms, eyes rolling in the back of her head, and suddenly with all her strength, she'll fling herself upright like someone just crashed giant cymbals over her head. I laughed so hard though at your description of your own dislike for bedtime because I am the SAME. WAY. On all accounts: the routine, the lugging my body off the couch, the soul-suckingly addictive interweb... what is wrong with us?? Haha.
    Miss you <3

  6. I said that last night at 9, 930, 10(when she jumped in Ellie's pack nplay, at 1030 (when she jumpedthe gate and drank moldy powerade...poison control anyone?), and then every hour until 3 am! Shoot meeeee!! -Michelle


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