Jul 14, 2011

How to Suck at Blogging

 There are a number of ways to suck at blogging.

The number one way to suck at blogging is to post irregularly. Your blog will suck if you do most definitely. Or your blog will soon start to decay into internet oblivion. either of those. 

Eddie: the epitome of awesomeness. And soon to be a frequent blogger at littlestayathomemomma world.
If you expect to use blogging as a way to vent your (un)important happenings to the world beyond, you must speak regularly or else your internet counseling session will be ova.

I feel like I just need some focus. ya know. Like what is the point. And well my point kind of changes on my mood. Sometimes I want to talk to adult humans and act like they are listening. Sometimes I want to share an amazing parenting tidbit I have learned from friends or from my frequent parenting fails. Or sometimes I just want to spend 30 minutes listing excuses for why my house is less than clean. And sometimes I want to recount the beautiful moments that happen here at this little beautiful home of love peace and tranquility. haha. 

I struggle with not wanting to be a Debbie Downer with the realities of life inside and outside (but mostly inside) our little abode. And I also struggle with not wanting to be a sunny days sweeping the clouds away, my life and house and children are perfect and I feel like singing and dancing all day long, making anyone and everyone reading wanting to throw up in their mouth a little bit. But sometimes I really do feel like that. for realz. but not always.

So anyway. I am going to just stop listing all these excuses for not blogging and just blog for blogging's sake in the blogosphere of blogdome. Aaaaand so that someday I can look back when my kids have kids and say, I am so freaking glad I wrote this stuff down, because being a momma and a daddio is hard work and I almost forgot.

So I am going to try not to suck at blogging so much in the future. Mostly because I really love to do it.

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