Feb 3, 2011

Regress = Re-gross

Potty training was done. I pretty much considered her a professional from the get-go. Then she must have had a little revelation: It's cool to pee in your pants. Which obviously, it isn't. Thanks a lot Adam Sandler

Last night she took off her pull-up and peed on her pillow. Just the pillow. And that was after we heard her unmistakeably use the toilet and flush.

Today I watched her pee on her booster seat defiantly. Then she peed in my room. And her room.

She was potty trained. I swear. I think she likes to watch me move quickly to remove pee from undesirable locations and fuss over her urine-covered self.

I heard her sternly telling her doll with a pointed finger, "No peein' in your underwear!" 

You're not fooling anyone child. We know it was you. And even though your cute, your pee isn't.

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