Feb 7, 2011

Free Credit Report.com vs. The Nap.com

I'm going to blame it on the weather. The sky can't decide if it wants to throw up snow all day or rain, so it's randomly spewing out both.  All I want is to be inside the house doing tiny person things that all revolve around one big thing: nap time.

I would sacrifice not leaving the house for an entire day if that meant both of my sweet bubs would pass out at the same time.

That is what happened today and it is glorious. I have to tip toe around like a crazy person if I want to do anything...So it is a wildly awesome excuse to sit and do. nothing. or sleep. Yea, I said it. Stay at home moms could hypothetically take naps. Sometimes. Today I even thought about doing just that.

But then I remembered a little mistake I made at nap time 2 weeks ago: Signing up for freecreditreport.com. This service is neither free nor a true complete report of your credit. I would love to put whoever invented that company in the corner for some time out-extreme version. Complete with a dunce pointed cap and maybe a jerk sign taped to his back in a room full of second graders.

Anyways besides hating that mean guy, I realized that I needed to be a grown up once again and cancel my "free" service which is $14.95 per month and only shows you Experian. I digress.

 I spent a good 5 minutes trying to access my stupid account with them online and then looking for a phone number so that I could stop this free-access-to-my-creditcard.com business. I finally found it and hid in the basement spoke in hushed tones to a woman that I am pretty certain lived in a land far far away from America.

She spent 9 minutes trying to convince to me to keep my account. 9 minutes! I resolved to be sugary sweet to the person I was talking to before I got on the phone. After all it's just their job right? Wrongo. Their entire company is apparently filled with robots who can only read off their little sheet over and over and over until you say 3 times in a row. "I would really like to just cancel my account. I would really like to just cancel my account. I would really like to just cancel my account."  Please and thank you. hugs. the end. phew.

So even though I would sacrifice all sanity by self induce house arrest for the double child nap club, it is usually ruined by doing grown up responsibility stuff, which I abhor.

If you too love naps, do not sign up for freecreditreport.com for fun.

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  1. I always wondered about that site and whether or not it truly was free! Glad I now know! But sorry you had to find out the hard way :(


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