Oct 1, 2010

Homemade Easy Crab Rangoon (non dairy version too!)

I should start out saying that I cannot eat dairy. I have not eaten cream cheese in years so eating these delectables has been a.mazing.

Years ago, before dairy became my arch nemesis, I'd eaten them at Asian restaurants and incorrectly assumed that they originated in Asia. There are not any Asian meals that I know of with dairy so I wasn't shocked to find out these are considered American Chinese cuisine. I was excited to find out that they possibly originated in San Francisco (how I miss you my city by the bay.).... Apparently, Crab Rangoon has been on the menu of the "Polynesian-style" restaurant Trader Vic's in San Francisco since at least 1957, supposedly from a Burmese recipe,[2] and was probably invented there." Thanks for being my friend wikipedia.

So here is the easy recipe. Brace yourself.

crunchy chewy creamy fried goodness


1) wonton wrappers. If you have a Kroger near you...I know they carry them in the health food refrigerated section and you get 48 wrappers for a whopping $1.99.

2) Cream cheese or if you are not allowed to eat dairy or think that it does grave injustice to dairy cows, there are alternatives. (Since my father works for a dairy company and I grew up eating larger amounts of butter than Paula Deen, the latter is not my personal reason.) I use Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese (it's not, by the way.)

3) crab- real crab, fakey flaky imitation crab, crab in a can. It doesn't really matter. Unless you are allergic to shellfish, then I would go with the no crab option. I used real crab that I found near the fresh seafood section at my neighborhood Kroger. It came in a little container and I didn't have to use any tools to retrieve this deliciousness.

4) seasonings- you could use Old Bay Seasoning, garlic salt and or powder, onion powder or real onion or leeks if you are super cool, I used some Tony Sachere's creole seasoning for a little kick. (Taste it as you go- nothing is raw. And you probably won't mess up if you add in small quantities.

5) Oil for frying- I used Coconut oil...you could use vegetable oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil.

Take the cream cheese and crab and seasonings and mix them to your special liking.
place a teaspoon and a half sized amount on the middle of the wonton wrapper. Repeat and make as many as your arteries can handle. fold the wrapper in half, then in half again. press edges to seal. heat oil. test before frying by tossing in a tiny piece... then fry away for about 30 to a minute..until they are crispy. oh and use about 3 tbsp or so of oil...enough to coat the bottom. use tongs or a fork to flip the little suckers. And beware my friends, oil does splatter. Wear a cute apron or arm yourself with rag shields... When they are done....you could make a little dip of soy sauce, garlic, honey, rice vinegar, and lime juice. Or just honey and soy sauce or whatever you like. Beware! They. are. addicting.

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