Sep 17, 2010

Why Babies are Awesome

1. Their smiles are never fake. And often filled with a lot of gums and pools of drool.
I'm so happy all the time.

2. They love to be loved. Just pick up a baby that needs some TLC and you can feel them go from tense to super melty. 

3. Their fat looks amazing. Seriously try to look at chubby baby thighs and not want to pinch them. This may be the only time that someone sees their fat and adorable is the only word to describe it.

5. For some unknown reason, you really do want to eat them up. Maybe it’s their fat?
the talker backer with the cute thigh girl

6. They smell so sweet. Smell a baby. Just do it.

7. They can wake you up screaming in the middle of the night over and over and you still give them whatever they want. (Probably food…but my little dear does like to wake up at 4AM to hang out with mom and dad and warm up her vocal chords for the day.)

8. You can dress them however you want. It’s so fun. You know it is. Look what this mom does while her baby is asleep!

9. They don’t talk back! They listen to everything you say with great interest. Albeit they don't know what your saying mostly but hey cheaper than therapy eh?
10. They are instant mood enhancers. Say goodbye to your recreational drugs and boozing. Babies increase endorphins! When you're feeling blue (like this little girl.) Just look lovingly at your baby and studies show….PoW! instant happy hormones! Woohoo.


  1. Looove it! Their fat also makes them extremely squeezable... sometimes you just want to squeeze them till they pop! You don't do it though, considering it would, of course, be terribly unbueno.


  2. @CA I completely agree. And I love the use of "unbueno". Sounds like something my adorable husband would say...

    @Christopher, how right you are. Babies do have a special power to make adults go from super tense to super melty too (myself included.)

  3. came to your blog via a comment you left on mine! we seriously have so much in common! two little girls..1 of them a 2 yr old! and one brunette one blonde. :) you seem to love motherhood with all it's craziness as much as me. love your blog! your newest follower.

  4. Thanks @Natalie! Your blog is adorable. And so are your two sweeties. Girls are so much fun and that is crazy that you guys have a brunette and blonde too like the same ages as us!


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