Oct 5, 2010

Save the Drama for your Momma

Once about 8 or so years ago, I owned some undergarments with "save the drama" on the front and "for your momma" on the back.  For some ridiculous reason, I decided to wear these swing dancing...under a thin dress. Thankfully and humiliatingly my now father in law caught me as I exited his home arm in arm with his son in my readable underclothes. I believe he simply said...."for your momma," to me. And I turned around wide eyed to him laughing and almost fainted. Then we all had a good laugh about "saving the drama for your momma" and I went home and worked out my wardrobe malfunction.  It's a good inside joke between us, and now, thanks to my big mouth, anyone who reads this post.
happy youngsters

In light of my recent post about us mommas trying to be happy for the youngsters, so they do not follow in unfortunate grumpy footsteps, today was one of "those" days. "Those" being tired, crabby, sickish, whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiney, clingy, crying, naughty, children days. And by children, I mean my dearest Davy. Gianna was just being a baby. Davy was being a baby too, but at two years old it's loosing its cuteness by the second.
and there you have it. look at poor Gianna's fear.

I think her little body is fighting something evil and she wanted to be held all day. Held. Like cradled. But she also wanted to flail her little limbs all day while I was holding her. Aaaaaand she fell down the stairs (so sad-her little face is banged up), shut her finger in a wooden box, tried to climb up her dresser drawers and a book shelf, kicked Gianna, and cried on and off all day. She was crazy tired but would not sleep. The last two nights she has been up on and off all night too. Hence the blogging at almost 2AM......brb there she is again screaming "mommy". Second time this night. Poor baby.

Anyway, the point here is that there is something about whining to a mom. She'll always love you, there is probably no one else who loves you more. Davy for instance, acts all tough sometimes even around her dad, but she loves to whine to this momma. Oh well, I guess I can be a sucker. She is growing so fast.

Daddy and Davy's first Drama

Heck, come to think of it. I'm the biggest whiner of all. Most of my day today I was trying and trying to get a hold of my mother on the phone so that I could whine to her about my daughter whining at me. Pathetic irony. Love you mom! And remember ... SAVE the DRAMA for your MOMMA. 


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