Sep 12, 2010

How to Remove Credit Cards from the CD slot in your Mac

You may be asking yourself why there were credit cards shoved in the CD slot in my Mac. Or you may happen to know my two year old and correctly assumed that she loaded them all up when I turned my head for literally one second. Granted I left my wallet a foot from my computer because I was ordering some online gifts. I guess I was asking for it.
obviously guilty most of the time (see above as she attempts to cook alphabet magnets into muffins)

If you have ever seen the movie ELF. The situation was reminiscent of the part when he apologized for shoving 11 cookies in the VCR. I almost laugh cried. I opened my wallet and couldn't find my credit cards or license and I remember catching Davy trying to insert them and stopping her just in time. Apparently my very firm "no" was not enough to deter her when my back was turned and she must have worked quickly because I was in the same room with her. Anyway. I'm glad that little fun is over. And I even found another mother it happened to here.

I tried a few things to remove them:

1) inserting a flat small eating utensil (tiny knife)..did not work
2) tweezers-did not work
3) getting angry at the computer-did not work
4) wanting to cry at the thought of loosing my license and two credit cards along with a broken Mac-did not work
5) thinking about calling the Apple Store- did not work
Lucky 6) shaking my computer as I carried it in surrender- did work. they fell out. sweet lovin. If this happens to you shake your baby computer hard people. Please keep in mind that the previous link to shake your computer is a 'shaking your baby safely' product. (It is extremely terrible and offensive. And it's a joke.)

Thanks goodness my internet is working again. Phone blogging was getting old.


  1. Too funny. Your life is amusing central!!

  2. Please write a "how-to" book one day.


  3. Noah likes to insert things, too (usually just CDs in the little crevice under the cable box, or business cards into the drawer crevices, so no permanent damage).

    If you write a how-to about easily removing pen marks from walls left by little artistes, I will be reading with great interest.

  4. Davy is keeping me on my toes for sure! And maybe someday I'll write a book called 'mommy mistakes,' that way people can make sure not to do the stupid things I've done :). Christina, I will keep you updated on any headway I make in pen art removal techniques.

  5. I find it's most effective to buy so much online that you have your cc # memorized :-)

  6. haha @Ellen lets not and say we did.


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