Sep 17, 2010

The Temporary Twos

I used to think people were over-dramatic or did not know how to parent when they referred to the "terrible twos." Puuuh-lease. Even when I nannied and babysat some pretty wacko two year olds I figured it was from lack of structure at home or inconsistent discipline. How hard can it be? They are just small children. Right?

Today was like any other day at home with my lovely two year old Davy. Here is my day with the glass half empty...

Woke up screaming "I don't want to go to bed!" at 6AM. (That was Davy by the way, not me.)

She climbed into Gianna's crib with her. danger.

Hit me from flailing her appendages while screaming "mine" - I lost count how many times this happened.

She fell bottom first in the toilet with her flamingo dress on. (It was a little funny.)

She tried several times to pick up Gianna and did successfully drag her a few inches while I was in the room.

She took letters from Gianna in the bath. She poured water on Gianna's head in the bath.

She learned how to get water from the refrigerator and filled up any and everything in our home within her reach with the water from the refrigerator. She spilled water all over the place.

She stood on the toilet, turned on the water and burned her little fingers. :(

She took her diaper off. She put underwear on. She put more underwear on. She changed her leggings more than 4 times. I remember seeing her in purple, brown, green, and striped, but I think there may have been more.

She peed next to the potty. so close. Then she traipsed about the living room with her pee feet.

She pooped through her clothes. Sick. I hate poop.

She hung her entire weight on our counter and almost did a pullup to get what she wanted. (a cup for more water fun.)

She pulled a chair to the cabinets to try to get a vitamin. (don't worry they are childlocked and waaaaay high- but in her defense, why do they have to taste so good?)

She tried to climb a shelf to get stickers reserved for potty success.

She refused to eat lunch and only wanted fruit leather or cereal or cream cheese and jam on toast. I guess that's not sooo bad.

This is all I can think of off the top of my head for today. And at least today she didn't run outside with a diaper on. Darn you and your door opening skills child.

But don't worry there were happy times too...(And I'm not just talking about nap time.)
 Here is my day with the glass half full....

We sang songs together all day long. 

We read books together.

She asked me deep theological questions.

She told me she loved me soooo much.

She gave my more kisses and hugs than I could count.

When I asked her if she would like to color she said, "that sounds really nice."

We colored.

She told Gianna that she was a "feet" (sweet) girl like 20 times...

She danced with Gianna in the excersaucer jumperoo contraption.

She would scream and laugh and get all excited as Gianna almost sat up on her own.

She wiped Gianna's nose with a tissue several times.

She got wipes and diapers for me while I was changing Gianna. She threw away dirty diapers in the garbage.

She played on a keyboard with no batteries and sang a song about baby Moses for our after dinner entertainment.

She fed her babies out of bottles and heisted my breast pump to try to get some milk for her babes.

She gave Godzilla (her daddy's favorite childhood toy) a bath in her kitchen sink twice (Once was after we put her down for the night.)

She helped me clean up after most of her messes.

She cleaned up all the crayons and paper by herself after only being asked once.

We had a meaningful discussion about sharing after watching the very exciting Elmo in Grouchland

She is absolutely positively a trip and the most fun and exhausting little person I have met. She has the cutest brown eyes that are really hard to say no to. And many times throughout the day, I have to turn around because I am laughing and then get my "No" mom voice out.

So basically I really try to have structure around here and consistent disciplining, but the girl is just crazy and I know that she won't be 2 forever. So, I am trying to enjoy the wonderfulness with the chaos.The terrible two's do exist but thankfully they are mixed in with so much hilarity that you get through.

Someday when I get a little more figured out I'll post all my best tricks for making Davy be sweet. ;)


  1. enjoy those terrible twos...'cause the threes are worse! :-)

  2. Glad it's not just me. It is soooo fun but- at times- wowza,

  3. This is soooo sweet!!! It seriously brought tears to my eyes. Joseph wonders if you can take a picture of her toes ????

  4. @Ellen, hey thanks for giving me something to look forward to! ;)
    @Alison, so true, so so true. wowza. is. right.
    @Emily, awww thanks. I can't believe how fast these kids grow up. And I feel like an old woman saying that. Good news for Joseph...

  5. So nice to hear. My friend has the two most perfect kids and I have been feeling like a failure because my guy is far from perfect.


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