Aug 20, 2010

The Mommy Photography Studio Outtakes

A few weeks ago, on a day that felt like you were being slow roasted in an oven, my friend Jamie decided to help me dress up the girls and take them out to get their pictures taken. So I called Picture People located at the mall a mile away and asked over the phone about their lowest package. I figured they would be more expensive than JC Penney or Sears. I have never spent a lot on pictures of the girls because  I am super cheap my babies' daddy dabbles in photography. Anyways, the woman I spoke with directed me to their website and would not give me any prices over the phone. Sketchy. I mean what if I had no internet? Or what if my two year old can't keep her hands off my laptop and screams for Elmo the whole time I get on the computer? What if.

So I was forced to journey to their website and their lowest package was.....$148. ouch. Not exactly what I wanted for a leisurely activity to combat cabin fever.

So we decided to go for a makeshift at home photo shoot. Complete with blankets on the floor and distraction food. I now realize why child photography costs so much.

Some things are really really sad, but somehow good can arise from them and they can bring joy to all. Kind of like our photo shoot.

You said you'd never let go! This is just like Titanic. (Sorry Gianna)

I feel crazy.
oooo! your love hurts a little.

(non-dairy) Cheesy


  1. 1) I love these pictures! I kinda want to take like one good maternity shot soon with Maggie so maybe you can help;)
    2) I love your blog headings to different parts of your blog...turned out great and professional!
    3) Can't wait to see you tomorrow night....might be a little late (hopefully just a few min because I'll put Maggie down around 730. Can't wait to meet everyone too.

  2. portrait innovations - 9.99 package then $15 a sheet!


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