Apr 20, 2010

Why Madeira is the best suburb of Cincinnati

I live in Whoville+Mayberry= Madeira, OH. Located right outside Cincinnati, Ohio. Seriously. It is so cute. We had a 100 year celebration of the start of our town/suburb. It was complete with Dr. Seuss-looking yellow cupcakes with blue strange sugared funky glass looking candy on top and famous Graeters icecream and Coffee Please Coffee. Our Mayor was there. Someone wrote a Madeira song and told us to get out our hankies. haha, I mean sniffle sniffle. The boy scouts and girl scouts sang. Hundreds of people stood in the sun while person after person gushed over the wonderfulness of the town.

We have only lived here for a little over 7 months so I am still taking in its cuteness.

We can walk anywhere mostly with sidewalks...the butcher, the baker, the florist, the tailor, the dry cleaner, the library, the shoe repair shop (I'm not joking), a nail salon, an autobody shop, a lawnmower shop, an old train station restaurant, the grocery store, many parks, our church, hair salon, pilates and yoga studio, coffee shops (including Starbucks), a few very delicious restaurants (one with sushi-YES.), bagel shop, hardware store, religious shop, a lot of cute boutiques, 4 pharmacies, way too many banks, the high school, middle school, and elementary school. There are kids walking and biking everywhere. It's safe and people wave to each other and are friends with their neighbors. On our street everyone wants to retire in their home. These are tiny old homes. They just love it here so much they are willing to loose tons of money and add on to their houses again and again. Someone just sold a house on my street and is desperately trying to buy another house on our street that is bigger than their 2 bedroom was. Everyone is outside and loves to keep their yards nice.

And we just met a man with 3 rottweilers down the street. Oh. My. We accidentally let Davy (our daughter) pet one of them not knowing what it was. She looked so friendly. I swear the dog was smiling. Besides the rottweilers that we just found out about. I think its a perfect street. Oh and minus the incessantly barking hound dog behind our house. Besides those animals, Whoville+Mayberry=perfect.

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