Apr 19, 2010

Sorry for the haitus. I had a little baby.


So, Easter came and went and unfortunately no peep sushi was made. However, I bought all of the ingredients. Even though there seemed be a peep shortage in the small town or Madeira, Ohio. Someone seriously took all the peeps and made off with them like a bandit in the night. Thankfully some other candy companies sell peep-like products.

Anyways. I was planning to make the little suckers on Easter with my family, but I started feel a little more and more uncomfortable to the point that I wanted to move as little as possible.

Easter was a long day. We woke up, had some Easter bunny-mania, went to Easter Mass, made some food for the husband extended family party, went to my mom and dad's house with the siblings, congratulated my newly engaged sister and future BIL, then packed it up and went to the husband extended family party. Everyone there guessed when I would have the baby and just how big that baby would be and what kind of little body parts would be in the diaper. Mostly everyone was wrong. Except for the Grandma's. Grandma got the weight almost exactly and then Great Grandma guessed the date (then changed it to 2 days later due to peer pressure) and she guessed almost exactly the weight too! Momma's know best. The prize will come at the Baptism and Baptism after party this weekend.

Now for the big news. Gianna Maria made her entrance to this side of the womb on April 5th, Easter Monday, at 12:11PM. Woohooo. She was 19 inches, and 6lbs. 15 oz. She was 17 days early. Such good timing for this Momma. She came really fast! If you want to know the details I will save another post for that. I know it can be a little TMI for some.

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