Mar 11, 2010

Stay at Home Motherhood is LAME

Stay at home Motherhood is a very funny thing. Many moms say that they want it. Some say that they don't. Some do it forever and some can't or won't.

I always wanted to be a stay at home mom. However, sometimes it can be kind of tricky. Tricky as in your "friends" may mainly consist of children and dolls. Maybe not for everyone, but I found this to be the case after we relocated to a new city and didn't really know many people.

Also, at work, you have your own time to use as you please. With kiddies, life is a constant merry-go-round and sometimes you want to get off because you feel nauseous. But, I have found that if I just jump on a gaudy painted pony and hold on and close my eyes with my dear ones close, I have a much better time. The nausea almost always passes.

Things you never thought twice about before, now require new logistics. Showering soon becomes part of a to-do list. Diapers stay on the grocery list. Cars need to be safe and not just adult toys. Worrying may be first experienced in all of its glory. You sacrifice getting new things so that your daughter or son can.

Some women resent these things over time and crave their "own time" and "own things" and reminisce about the way things were before the kid(s). But soon those kids won't be kids anymore and they will miss their days of no freedom and sweet toothless smiles and tiny armed hugs. By some women I mean myself included. Sometimes I miss being able to run to the mall and actually shop rather than chase a wild toddler who is dangerously close to becoming leashed. But I try to savor these sweet days as much as I can.

So yes sometimes stay at home Motherhood may be lame to the outside world, but when you are there at least some of the time you get many little glimpses of beauty and love that you could never imagine.

So even though in the last few months more than a handful of people have either directly said or alluded to the fact that "I need a life" or my life is "lame." I think I'll savor this lameness as long as I can.

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