Mar 30, 2010

Nesting time and Spring Time

Ahhh Nesting.

The birds do it. And now I do it. I woke up feeling sick (getting over some food related illness) but with this incredible yearning and desire to get my hands in the dirt, dust under beds and couches, do laundry, cook banana muffins, plant an obscene amount of seeds, do art projects with a 1 year old, and exercise my very large self all at the same time. And unfortunately at this time I am enormously huge and extremely uncomfortable (aka..I want to remove a few very sore ribs, maybe fractured from my huge belly). Enough about the bad. Let's get onto the good...

Nesting is grrrrrreat. It's like all that time you were lazy in your life is getting back at you now and you want to do everything you have been putting off right now!

So I was in my yard today, surveying the situation with a lopper (weird name for an amazing device) in hand and there are about 6 grown men working hard in the yard next door to me. And my little dear daughter Davy Marin, finding worms and leaves close by. So here I am, very very pregnant and I hear "HEY LOOK THERE'S A PREGNANT LADY." Ummm I was like 15 feet away. One of the workers apparently caught a glimpse of me out of his peripheral and was so amazed he forgot he wasn't at the zoo looking at a new exhibit. Apparently I am something to behold. Anyway I almost started laughing and then I looked and the other man he was talking to looked kind of awkwardly at me and did a little wave so I smiled and waved back like a good zoo animal.

I tried my darnedest to finish everything written on my kitchen chalkboard, but I eventually left my halfway torn apart yard to go on a never ending walk to my sister's house and now I am waiting to be picked up by my dear husband because my ankles are now an extension of my calves and I am rocking some awesome swollen cankles with a side serving of sausage feet. YES!

I love nesting and I love blogging. It is a good way to feel like I am talking to adults about the exciting life of stay at home mom.

Happy Spring and Happy Nesting!


  1. I love when people refer to me as an adult and i love nesting too


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