Mar 11, 2011

Our Puppy

10 Reasons We Love our Puppy

1) She pants with her mouth open.

2) Has been known to enter a room on all fours while carrying a toy in her mouth.

3) She yelps when no is paying attention to her.

4) She is really good with toddlers. Even when repeatedly hit on the head, she is happy for the attention.

5) Her favorite hobby is finding and devouring food off in the kitchen by licking the floor.

6) She lets us dress her up in tiny clothes.

7) She jumps on my head in the morning to wake me up.

8) She licks faces.

9) When she is in the other room and you yell her name, she scurries in as fast as she can.

10) She chews on shoes and newspapers.


  1. Adorable!! I love that little munch munch! :)

  2. She and her puppy friend isaiah have a lot in common! He also likes to splash in the toilet!

  3. I am always a fan of the tush wag when she is excited...I love that puppy!


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