Nov 10, 2010

Potty Mouth

This post may be disturbing if you have a weak stomach and or do not like to hear about bodily fluids in inappropriate places.

The first place is my mouth. Gianna threw up in my mouth. It's happened to me before but it is always an exciting occasion. I was holding her above my face cheerfully as she smiled and giggled. She was playing me. She made me laugh and then, WHAM, mouth full of vomit. yum.

Then we have Davy...taking her diaper off, full of #2, and then carrying it and transferring herself to the potty, where her little dirty behind sullied anything in its path. Like all over the toilet and her mini toilet seat. Then today she ran outside with her pants on and started to shed them feverishly announcing she was going to "Poop outside!"  I have no idea where this idea could have possibily entered her tiny mind except for dog watching out the window.  I will have to cross that hobby off our list of daily fun activities. She managed to get her pants off on the driveway in an angry flash and then had her diaper halfway off before I one arm grabbed her little midsection and made my way back inside one baby in each arm.

I hope she learns to put that crap in the potty. Where it belongs. Seriously. She loves the sitting and the wiping and the flushing, but she is lacking in the actual doing of the deed in the place it needs to be done.

Then there is Gianna again, with the throw up on me and the door, and the cabinet, and the floor, and the door mat that I am now donating to the garbage scavengers who frequent Madeira.

On a happy note. Gianna and I have had tons of quality bonding time lately as she has had the stomach bug. It's like our last special time of her as a little baby. Normally she doesn't really want to be held anymore and she has never been much of a snuggler so this has been a nice little treat. Albeit a treat with throw up in my mouth, but a treat nonetheless.


  1. Glad you're back! I've been missing your entertaining stories. Similarly, Katherine once regurgitated breastmilk in my mouth as I went in to kiss her. Brett woke up to me going pttthh ptthhh. Oh baby love.

  2. We had a nasty stomach virus and it landed Christianna in the emergency room where she also throw up in my mouth. Not a ton, but no amount is fun or tasty. I enjoy your reading your blog!

  3. Request granted - I'm giving you a raise.

  4. Oh Maureen! In the mouth?! I thought having it in my hair was bad, but this takes the cake!

  5. Oh man, so many moms with throw up in their mouths. oooo. that is another reason moms deserve a VACATION.
    @ Leilani. Hair is pretty gross too. Don't discount a pity party for that.
    @ Christopher. Can't wait for the raise. Since I have a net profit of $0 this fiscal year, my raise better be at least 100% of that. or more. Keep me posted.
    @ Trisha, little did I know that when I wrote this post, we too ended up with Gianna in the hospital.
    @ Natasha. you are a blogging wonder. You go woman! And I just know I'm gonna see you and your sweet Katherine soon! What are you doing in April? I'll be in your neck of the woods...sweet lovin.


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