May 29, 2010

Top 10 New Baby Must Haves

When your baby is first born you definitely need a few things...(**The below list is not in order of importance.)

Also I know baby things are expensive but you can find a lot of items on craigslist. If you have never used craigslist. Don't be afraid, just find where you live and start searching. You may get addicted.

1. Black Baby Sling- I know a lot of them have been recalled in early 2010...but if you use them correctly with the baby's face facing outward, they can be a Godsend when you need to hold the baby and have access to your hands. I think black is the most practical, it goes with everything and you can reuse it in all seasons with all babies. Also, my husband will even wear it. Can't beat that.
We have had an Infantino one (which I hated and they have been subsequently recalled), the Peanut Shell- I found one for $22 on and the Hotsling. I like the fleece peanut shell one for its stretchiness. It's also great if its kind of cold out. It will keep you warm. The Hotsling one is nice too.

2. Graco Sung Ride car seat - Any one is great. They are the safest over and over according to crash tests and the price is great too.

3. Bumbo I love the blue one with the tray. Once baby can sit up these are great at home and on the go. Plus little babies look so cute sitting up! Also, with the tray you can use them to feed your little one or put toys on it for them to play. I have purchased 2 on craigslist. But you can get them from your local Walmart store for the best price if you want to buy one new. Babies R Us also carries them. They are usually from $35-$45. Here is a really good online price of $33.99 with 20% off for Memorial Day Weekend...

4. Bouncer or swing Bouncers are great for keeping baby happy when you can't hold them. Many babies nap in their bouncers or swings. Cutest one at the best price.

5. Pack and Play You can even use a pack and play for a crib if you are short on space. We had to for about a year. They are great for home or traveling. Here is a cute neutral one.

6. Ergo- L O V E my Ergo. This is tied for my favorite baby item. I have used 8 different baby carriers and this one feels the best on your back, has storage, has a sun shade/ nursing cover, can be used for a tiny baby or until your baby is not really a baby anymore. (up to 55 lbs.) Can be worn on the back or the front. This woman will tell you more.

7. Bebe Au Lait- must have if you are nursing. Hides your girls and your baby + you can see your baby and your girls and no one else can. This can double in a pinch as a receiving blanket, diaper changing pad, and spit up rag. :)

8. Bob Revolution Stroller- Here it is at the best price new.  Probably tied for my most used and favorite baby item. This. stroller. is. awesome. I was a nanny in San Francisco for a year and this was definitely my favorite stroller to use. More than the Bugaboo, more than the Phil and Ted's, even more than the Maclaren. If you like to walk, run, hike,or shop, then you will love it. The front wheel swivels for hair pin turning and also locks for serious running on trails or the road. This stroller handles amazingly and men even like to stroll with it too. Con- it is a little large. (Hey, it helps grow Mommy Muscles.) See even the con could be a pro. Check out this video if you don't believe me.

***TRUE STORY- Oh, and the Bob Stoller safety feature saved my daughter Davy's life in San Francisco. I was going down a ginormous hill across the street from Danielle Steele's house (no joke-the Spreckels Mansion) with the stroller and had the safety strap around my wrist and I slipped on some leaves and fell on my butt and let go of the stroller and it would have gone flying into a crazy busy street, but thankfully it flung back and locked itself with my Davy safe and sound. Phew. Love you Bob.

9. Maclaren Stroller This is a great umbrella stroller. They last a long time and fold up easily with one hand and foot. Great to keep in the car. They can turn on a dime and are made very well. And if you love Lacoste, well here is the stroller for you!

FYI- They had a recall in late 2009 and will send you a piece to put on two hinges of the stroller so that little fingers don't get caught in the opening and closing. If you buy it used, make sure it has the attached piece.

10. Moses Basket To be honest... You might not NEED a Moses basket. But I needed one because well they are adorable and you can transport your adorable baby outside and from room to room. A baby in a basket. What could be cuter? Seriously, nothing is. I really love this one from Restoration Hardware because it's espresso colored and the stand isn't too expensive either, compared to other ones I found. That way you have a little cradle and a basket in one. (You have to purchase the stand and Moses basket separately.)

And that's all folks.


  1. I wish I had read this before my baby!! I have already regretted some of the purchases that we made trying to be frugal. Sometimes, that doesn't pay off!

  2. I wanted to ask you how is your baby in the RH moses basket picture? For how long did you use it? I just got mine, but I'm kind of concerned about it being too small... thank you!!

  3. Hey,
    Your baby is cute .! :D . Thank you for sharing this amazing post with us.



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