Oct 27, 2011

The Truth

I'm sitting in my family room on the couch and I have been for about 45 minutes looking at Pinterest and mostly wasting time. I pretty much epitomize every sick stereotype of stay at home moms. Oh. And I am in sweats. And my house isn't exactly clean. Booyah.

I was just about to kick myself into gear when I happened upon this article:

Notes from a Dragon Mom

If you are a parent, you should really read it. It's the truth about parenting. And it really puts life in perspective.

We aren't ever guaranteed a tomorrow with our children. No matter how much we stress and research and give to them everything we think will equip them with the tools for a perfect or more sound adulthood, nothing is certain. Only what is right now is certain. Today I will try to love them best in the now.

Even though my house could really use some serious elbow grease and I should probably get up I think I am just going to sit here and let Gianna keep sleeping on me.

I am so blessed.


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