Jun 1, 2011

Davyisms: From the Newly Three

Da Da Da DAVY.  Always my favorite way to start the day at our house. But I don't have a choice really. Here are some gems from today. I wish I could remember some from beyond today, but my brain has limited capacity and seems to immediately dump content from previous days. yay for blogging to help remember.

Today as we are walking in the house she looks at me seriously and states. "Mom, you know, some kids, they don't have any noses."

"Mom, you are the mean step motha." Woah. Why do all the Disney Princesses gotta hate on step mothers. It's wrong. And I am not your step motha child. I immediately retorted, "Davy I distinctly remember birthing you." She nodded like she understood. "Oh ok." Glad we got that taken care of. "Gianna you are the step motha."

Almost first thing this morning. "I love you sooooo much. I will always take care of you momma."Suuuuch a relief. Who knows if social security will still be around when I need it and I am now immortalizing this little comment in the blogosphere, so that in 20 years, 40 years, whatever, she can look back and remember that she promised to take care of me. always and forever.

"I really like it when you wash my underwear mom! Thank you so much!" You have no idea what this sounds like to a mother's ears. It's better than... oh I don't know. but wow, I will take it anytime she wants to say it.

"I want to go to the library and shake my egg." I know a little weird. Egg is not a weird euphemism in our house for behind. Our library really does have an egg shaking party two times a week for toddlers with dancing and singing.

"Nooooo! I'm not Davy, I'm Cindewella. Are you really who you are mom?" Uhhh I think so? Sounds like a loaded question. Ummmm too deep for before dinner time.

"The pee-pee was tryin to come out, but I didn't let it. I ran to the bathroom and I put it in the potty." Thank you for the report and for not peeing on the floor, as you do often.

"Mom! I'm just going to outside to check on the birdies!" It really is unfortunate that she learned to open our front door. Today she ran outside naked in the middle of changing out of her swim suit. I had a mini heart attack.

"I want it to be parade time." Why Davy? "Because I want candy." A child after my own heart.

Upon waking up pretty much every morning. "Who we gonna see today? Who's house are we goin' to? Where are we goin'? Who's comin' ova?" Such a little extrovert.

"Maggie, you are my prince. You are the prince Maggie, and I am the princess." Eventually Maggie's eyes pleaded for princess status. And us moms had to intervene as Davy tends to be a little overbearing to her princes.

All in Davy Day's Work.

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