Jul 7, 2010

Dorky Mom Sayings

Here is a short list of dorky sayings I had no idea that I said until a loquacious two year old started spouting them back to me regularly.

first things first- What does that even mean and why the heck am I saying it all the time?

hey party people- Party people? Who are party people?

ok let's rock and roll- Really don't understand this one. Rock and roll? It's like an eighties saying or something. Majorly dorky.

are you gassy little baby? - I think this speaks for itself. We happen to have a smiley smelly newborn. Davy was talking to her baby in public saying this over and over....

I'm just really happy- I really am....just really happy and so is Davy.

Watch Davy talk below :)

Davy talking on the kitchen timer to everyone on Sesame Street

She cracks me up.

1 comment:

  1. You should see how excited Maggie is to watch this video of Davy. She keeps saying "Dadee!" We miss you guys! And your post is so funny:)


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